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czwartek, 19 stycznia 2012

open cloze 1

Fill in the missing words. 

US publication Rolling Stone magazine is    1.                          launch in China. The magazine,  2.                       should hit shelves early next year, will focus on China's emerging youth culture as well   3.                             foreign arts and entertainment. Rolling Stone   4.                      first published in San Francisco in 1967 to chronicle cultural changes in the US. "We feel Chinese music and arts   5.                              maturing rapidly and that a Chinese edition      6.              be viable," said Jimmy Jung, of One World Publishing. Rolling Stone  7.                    licensed Hong Kong-based One World to publish the Chinese-language edition. Mr Jung said the magazine, to be printed in simplified Chinese characters, will  8.                         a mix of local content 9.         primarily by Beijing-based staff and translations of articles from the US     10.                          . "We want to make 11.                                 that we're faithful to the spirit of the brand," said Jung. He added that   12.                           Hong Kong and Taiwan had more developed pop cultures, mainland China 13.                                 more important. "We feel China offers greater potential and we want to be there from the  14.                       ," said Jung, whose company also  15.                     Chinese editions of British car magazine, Top Gear and gadget magazine T3.


  1. to
  2. which
  3. as
  4. was
  5. are
  6. will
  7. has
  8. contain
  9. written
  10. edition
  11. sure
  12. while
  13. was
  14. start
  15. publishes

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